Preeminent Protective Services can help you process visitors efficiently.

Industrial Visitor Processing Services provides a professional solution for visitor screening, documentation, and badging.

PREEMINENT design and develop systems to provide security managers with an efficient tool to reduce delays in logging and badging visitors, distinguish special consideration visitors, and identify individuals “not to be admitted.” All clients have unique and challenging requirements, so we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. We design easy-to-use programs.

Benefits of Our Services

Improved Safety – The system provides a secure deterrent that identifies, stops, and reports unauthorized individuals. Exceptions can be specified and notifications built for unauthorized individuals (e.g., terminated employees, high-risk, or other suspicious persons). Our services can also include and track 23 Government and International “Terrorist Watch” or “Most Wanted” lists and/or sexual predator databases (optional).

Enhanced Communication – The systems we design centralizes all visitor data and notification information for easy access and pass-along capabilities.

Improved Process Times – More effective processing reduces delays and traffic buildup in your entrance area. Our services can also design programmable gates and turnstiles for individuals with pre-authorized admittance.

More Professional Image – you can eliminate illegible handwritten visitor logs and create customized visitor badges for your guests.

Effective Management and Oversight – Systems can generate an accurate digital record for all visitors — search-able by name, employer, check in/out time, and employee visited.