Preeminent Protective Services has widespread experience in surveillance, and is licensed to provide highly discreet surveillance security services to private clients throughout the region.

With thousands of hours logged in investigative experience you can count on us for great experience and client support.

Our Investigation Services specializes in:

Civilian/Workers compensation

General security

Our Private Investigations consist of two phases:


PREEMINENT utilizes many discovery techniques in the surveillance phase, and we can provide our clients with still photos, video and cyber evidence. We also specialize in electronic discovery; if your cell phone or computer data has been compromised or lost, we work to repair, restore and retrieve it in its entirety. Our track record for full retrieval is outstanding.

Surveillance Reports

PREEMINENT customizes its surveillance reports to be as concise or as extensive as needed to meet your requirements. We also offer expert witness services.

Process Serving

Nationwide and locally, there has been an explosion in foreclosures and credit collections these past few years, with urban areas hit especially hard.  Consequently, there has been a dramatic increase in the volume of legal action and lawsuits in connection with these circumstances.

As licensed private investigators, we are equipped to handle any possible situation or scenario in serving papers to defendants. PREEMINENT is committed to getting the job done the first time!