Preeminent Protective Services has become one of the premier security companies that will safely transport people, cash, products, or other assets.

Protecting products and assets during transportation is essential for all industries. Your assets are most vulnerable during transportation, so it is essential to protect them by using professional security services.

It only takes seconds for something to happen during transport, and first responders are typically minutes away, if not more. We offer transport services using a variety of our resources. Our Special Tactics and Response Teams are highly trained in all aspects of asset protection and transportation. This will dramatically reduce your liability. Our company constantly follows up with the ever changing state laws and regulations.

Our transportation services are available for a variety of clients, products, and assets.

We transport:

  • People
  • Cash revenue and proceeds between licensed businesses
  • Cash tax payments from businesses to government revenue offices
  • Payroll
  • Assets from businesses or individuals to private vaulting facilities or storage locations
  • Collectibles, artwork, or sculptures between private collectors and museums or galleries
  • Cash from individuals or businesses to our secured vaulting facility
  • Any other valuable assets requiring armored protection


Our staff receives hands-on, practical courses and experience with topics that include:

  • Security and safety training
  • Safe and proactive responses to active shooter scenarios
  • NRA-certified handgun safety courses
  • Responsible concealed weapon carry and deployment
  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Tactical firearms tactics and force-on-force operations
  • Armored vehicle operation
  • Compliance audits and reporting
  • Firearms use and safe deployment
  • Personal defensive techniques
  • Company procedures and processes
  • Media contacts and relations
  • Security driving and VIP protection
  • Customer relations
  • Laws and ethics